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LP Security is a Specialist in providing Labour Outcomes Management to the Security industry. LP Security takes pride on its ability to acquire labour and also in the training and outsourcing of it at competitive market rates.

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Our Top-Level Position with our clients

  • Top notch service to clients.
  • Constant up gradation of the risk mitigation processes.
  • The proactive efforts to improve in all aspects of the business



LP security is a Melbourne based security company with its operations across all metro cities as well as the suburbs in Victoria, QLD and NSW. LP security delivers a complete packaged security solution and a risk mitigation program to its clients. We are taking time to examine our client’s requirements and to understand their risks and then come up with a proper mitigation process. We then have a candid discussion with our clients to come up with a working framework. We are always prepared to invest on our capital upfront to acquire the most appropriate people, equipment and technology to meet the top-notch standards of service level.

Our Team of Trained

Our team of trained professionals come well dressed in a uniform or suited up as per the client’s requirements. They are well disciplined, thoroughly trained and competent personnel who give attention in detail. Our staff provides our customers with hassle-free security services and ensure that we are providing “Nothing but the Best”. Be confident that our Security Guards are licensed and have also gone through appropriate training that helps them manage conflicted situations with tact and no physical altercations so that no complaints are made against them.

Our Recruitment Involves

Our recruitment process involves the screening of every personnel joining in our team. Our people are highly trained to deter criminal activity keeping in mind our existing protocol. In other words, we encourage our personnel to develop an appropriate outlook, so that the residents within a facility can approach them for any required information. Letting the public to be aware that we are here for their safely makes them feel protected and comfortable.

Surprise inspections are conducted on a regular basis by our supervisors, so that our people in the field are doing an efficient job and holding up the promised standards to the clients. A detailed report of these inspections is properly reported to Head Office which will be reviewed by team in Head office.

LP Security is a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) which is the largest security industry association representing the security industry in Australia.